Customised space solutions

Everyone's requirements are different and selecting the right storage space isn't as easy as you might think. Wasted space could mean wasted dollars, leaving you paying more than you have to.

Shenton Storage staff can take out the headache by helping you choose a space that will best suit your needs and at the right price. We can recommend appropriate storage for all types of goods and will explain the correct packing methods that will save you money.

No fuss!

We like to keep things plain and simple. We don't give you long-winded contracts and hidden loopholes, just simple wording so you understand what you get and how we work.

It's only natural that your requirements change over time so we offer penalty-free transfers from one storage space to another.

Size matters!

What size unit do you need? At Shenton Storage, we have a large range of different storage spaces. Read more in our Space Guide.

For an assessment of your custom storage needs, we invite you to join us at Shenton Storage during office hours to chat with our friendly staff and inspect our variety of spaces. Alternatively, for quick and convenient contact, please submit our web enquiry form and we’ll give you a call to discuss your needs.


 Are you renovating, moving house, or maybe just in need of some extra storage space? Shenton Storage can help!

Shenton Storage offers a range of storage options, perfect for stowing your household items for the short or long term. Our purpose built facilities have been tailored with your needs in mind. Clean, well-maintained spaces with huge door access make coming and going a breeze.

Choosing the right space

Our staff can personally help you assess what space you’ll need and provide handy tips on how to stack and pack your goods for easy moving and storing.

Security and Peace of Mind

Our state-of-the-art security systems ensure your goods will be well protected and safe until your return. For added peace of mind, our insurance partner AON offer insurance for your goods at an extremely competitive rate – insurance designed exclusively for storage customers. See Insurance Options for more information.

Need help with Packing and Moving?

No problem, we’d love to help! With years in the industry, we know some great professionals that offer packing and goods transport, regardless of the size of your move.

Whoops! The space isn’t quite right

If you’ve underestimated or overestimated the space you need, there’s no need to stress! We can arrange your transfer to a new unit of the right size quickly and easily - without any extra fee penalties or hassle.


Want to breathe new life into your business space? It’s easy to let the clutter get on top of you with the day to day goods stacking up. Rethink your current storage usage within your showroom, warehouse or factory premises and make smarter usage of the space.

Whether you need to store additional equipment, materials, merchandise, palletised goods, office furniture or archive documents, our secure facilities will give you the space to think and grow.

You can think of Shenton Storage as your alternative to traditional warehousing with no complicated leases to sign and no huge rentals to pay.

Contractors & Trades

Open 365 days

If you’re a contractor or tradie with a need for some extra space for tools and materials, Shenton Storage can provide you convenient and flexible access to what you need every day of the year. Our driveway is wide enough for a vehicle to stop to one side leaving sufficient room for another vehicle to pass - ideal for you to make several quick visits a day between jobs. We have a large range of spaces and can accommodate most trades.

Easy Payments

Regular payments are simple and customers can benefit from no hassle monthly payment system with no extra ongoing fees or commercial outgoings. Letting you get on with doing what you do best – running your business!


If your business is growing and your requirements for space increase (and we hope they do), Shenton Storage are flexible with space designations and are more than happy to move you into a space that suits. Only pay for the things you need.

We have no fixed contracts so you can change space sizes temporarily or permanently, depending on your needs. So if you need a little extra space for a big job that will only last a short time – we can help with that too!


 Online Stores

If you're managing an online store out of your apartment, chances are you're going to need a bit of extra space! Deliver your goods to your storage space and create a mini-warehouse for distribution. The premises are safe and secure so you can keep peace of mind while keeping your overheads to a bare minimum. You take care of your business and we'll look after your goods.

Seasonal Retail Displays

Christmas only comes around once a year but decorative items take up space all year long. Store your expensive seasonal goods and surplus retail display items where they are out of site and ready for you when you need it.

Stock Distribution

Do you need extra space to hold additional stock prior to special events such as sales or conferences? Jump on board like many of our other WA commercial and retail customers by storing your goods with us.

Traditional Archives

If you need to store traditional archive documents, Shenton Storage has a dedicated area specifically designed for Archive storage. To make the job even easier, we can arrange strong and easily accessible shelving for you.

Commercially Sensitive Items

Shenton Storage can offer safe storage space for all office goods, including electronic equipment. Our internal units offer ideal conditions for storing sensitive electronic equipment, specialty furniture and other commercially sensitive items.


Excess Inventory

Temporary excess inventory can be a storage nightmare at most retail stores. Now you can take full advantage of your suppliers’ quantity discounts! Let us store your excess inventory, while you get more in-store display area. Seasonal goods can be safely kept on pallets or in boxes until required at your store. Our easy drive-up access can make loading and unloading trucks hassle-free and fast.

Online Stores

Deliver your goods to your storage space and create a mini-warehouse for distribution from the site. The space is safe and secure and you are able to keep your overheads to a bare minimum. You take care of business and we take care of your goods.

Seasonal Displays

Retail display items can cost a fortune and need to be stored carefully throughout the year. We have the ideal storage space for such items.

Stock Distribution

We have many commercial and retail customers using our site to hold extra stock prior to sales and events such as conferences.

Traditional Archives

Shenton Storage has spaces specifically designed for Archive storage. We can organise strong and easily accessible shelving to make the job even easier.

Commercially Sensitive

We can provide a safe home for all important electronic and computer office equipment and records. Our internal ground floor spaces naturally cooler than the rest.


Palletised Goods

Manufacturers are over-burdened with the space required to store inventory until it's ready for shipping. Why pay for a huge warehouse when you only need a fraction of the space. Let Shenton Storage be your flexible warehouse solution – order the amount of units you required, and upsize or downsize as required, month to month. Our storage space is ideal for dry, secure storage of raw materials and component parts.

Pay only for the warehouse space you need!

Cars & Motorcycles

If you need a space to store your luxury, sports, classic and antique car, keep them safe and sound out of harms way in our weather-proof driveway units. Drive your car in and out whenever you desire!

Of course the space isn't just limited to cars; you could also store small boats, kayaks, canoes, sailboats, or motorcycles - odd sizes and shapes are no problem. Vehicle storage units are 6 metres long, 3 metres wide and have a 2.4 metre clearance under the roller door to accommodate off-season storage for all your grown-up toys.

But be quick – we only have a limited number of driveway spaces.

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