Online Stores

Deliver your goods to your storage space and create a mini-warehouse for distribution from the site. The space is safe and secure and you are able to keep your overheads to a bare minimum. You take care of business and we take care of your goods.

Seasonal Retail Displays

Retail display items can cost a fortune and need to be stored carefully and seasonally. We have the ideal storage space for those goods.

Stock Distribution

We have many commercial and retail customers using our site to hold extra stock prior to sales and events such as conferences.

Traditional Archives

Shenton Storage has spaces specifically designed for Archive storage. We can organise strong and easily accessible shelving to make the job even easier.

Commercially Sensitive Items

We can offer safe storage space for all office goods, including electronic equipment. Our internal units offer ideal storage conditions for sensitive electronic equipment, specialty furniture and other commercially sensitive items.

Our other affordable storage solutions include: