Box Shop

Boxes by the bundle, packing supplies and covers – no problem!

With the best prices to accommodate your moving and storing budget, Shenton Storage has got you covered.

Moving can be a hassle, so we offer a wide variety of low priced, high-quality boxes and moving supplies, all in one convenient location.

We have a range of boxes to meet all your storage needs including small, medium, and large boxes, as well as wardrobe boxes, book boxes, wine boxes, lamp boxes, file boxes, and picture boxes.

How do I pack that?

We’ve helped pack some pretty weird things over the years, so if it’s a strange request – just ask! Our friendly and helpful staff can offer you advice on how to pack just about anything.

Packaging Supplies

To help you make the most efficient use of your storage, it’s important to use the right packaging in order to pack it tightly and safely. Choose strong boxes with similar dimensions such as Book-Wine boxes for heavy items and our double walled Tea Chest box for larger items. Using the same size boxes will allow you to stack upwards and save ground space. Shenton Storage can also recommend packaging materials and techniques for your most precious (or strange shaped items).

Heavy Duty Archive Box

The standard when it comes to heavy duty storage for your personal items such as books, office papers and files.

Medium Storage Box

A versatile powerbox, just the right size for a range of goods including kitchenware, plates and heavy items. The ideal size for stacking.

Large Tea Chest Box

Super heavy duty and double walled box, great for bulky items such as clothing and bedding plus fragile goods such as lamps.

Wardrobe Box

An easier way to transport your precious clothing, this carton features a convenient cross bar to hang your goods.

Kitchen Box

Our segmented kitchen box is perfect for storing crockery and glassware or even liquids.

Value Packs

If you’re looking to buy in bulk, our staff can prepare a custom discount value pack for your personal needs.

Furniture Covers

Keep your furniture and mattresses free of scuffs and dirt during your move. Select from lounge and chair covers, plus king, queen and single mattress covers.

Miscellaneous Storing Supplies

We offer a range of storing necessities including furniture protection blankets, packing bags, space saver/vacuum bags, bubble wrap, butchers paper, door locks, permanent markers, safety packing knife and packing tape.